Friday, July 9, 2010


I had a dream that one day you would allow mee to stay with you until the peakest hour of the morning and we will ride the eternal wave of extasy. I had a dream that into these bright hours I will deprive you of your garments and lay you flat on your stomache with your bac kto the sky. I had a dream that a cream of moisture flows through my fingers and falls into every pore of your back until the hairs on the back of your neck salute each other. I had a dream where diziness allows you to slumber yet remain alive and intoxants kick in and rids the night of all challenges. I had a dream that a fatal kiss to the lobe kills the scences and hieghtens the anticipation for what the two have desired since the two have met. I had a dream that that kiss turns whispers in her ear into howls in the night as the wolf approaches and the inner beast of the duo is unleashed and the reverb of her scream forces him to apply that well need pressure into her favorite place where she only invites the special. A place where she ends and he begins and neither of them know the difference. I had a dream where a reality was to live in a dream were all fantasy can coexist in and outside of the paradox it comes from and morning comes. They awake form the dream only to meet reality but a dream once more. I had a dream ... I had a dream..... thank GOD ALLMIGHTY I HAD A DREAM.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tears of Joy

God gave me an angel...... And she told me that she will protect me from the evil of the world... And promised that she would guide me in her arms and always be my guardian angel... A time came where she had to leave and i cried... Not only because i felt the pain of her departure. I cried because my eyes watered with tear from the light that appeared in the sky.. Gaining focus i see that the light that brings tears to my eyes is you, my guardian angel returning to me keeping her promise.. Tears of joy.... <<^^*>Bunny<^^*>>